Customer Feedback And Surveys- Helping or Not

Do you want to drive your business forward? Do you really know what your customers think about your business? In order to ensure that you achieve both of these things you may wish to consider conducting a customer feedback survey. With the help of such a survey not only are you improving your customer retention and profit but you are also advancing customer satisfaction levels and prompting interest in new products and services that you offer. Basically, with the help of a customer feedback survey from your customers, you are building up a relationship with them, which will enable you to tailor your business more towards their needs and enhance the chances of increasing your own sales.

Another great feature that you may not be aware of where customer feedback surveys are concerned is the fact that you can also use them as a means of publicizing aspects of your service that your customers, until now, have been unaware of. So not only are you gathering the information needed to improve your service but you are also promoting your business in the process.

Checking also helps you identify obstacles and opportunities so you can address them. For example, during the dialogue you might ask the customer, “Which sounds better at first glance, X or Y?” and “What system do you have?” These questions will let you save time, focus the dialogue, and help you tailor your message.

Each time you position a major point of your message, answer a question, or respond to an objection, check for feedback to gauge the customer’s reaction. If the customer understands and agrees, your checking question will save you time, because you’ll know that you don’t have to address that point further. If feedback from your checking shows the customer still has a question, you can backtrack, ask questions yourself, make adjustments, and/or reset your objective.

Checking is the skill that salespeople resist the most—initially. They see it as risky because the customer feedback may be negative—objections, complaints, requests, demands. But with practice, they find that checking is indispensable—a virtual secret weapon.

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